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  1. REMEDIA I contains the latest in surfactant technology that allow its potent cleaners to work through the surface of wood and other porous surfaces. REMEDIA I powers far beneath the surface to force out soil that other products cannot reach.

    REMEDIA I produces an intense foaming action when it comes in contact with proteins, mold and other organic stains. Soils and organic stains are then forced to the surface where they can be vacuumed away. NO SCRUBBING, RUBBING, SANDING, OR SCRAPING is needed, only slight agitation with a stiff bristle brush. After the cleaning job is completed there is no bad odor, just a clean fresh fragrance.

    • Based on the latest Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

    • Reduces labor by as much as 70%.

    • Attacks organic stains and eliminates odor

    • Reveals even hidden mold spots for cleaning and remediation

    • Can be used on all-water-safe surfaces

    • Biodegradable - Breaks down to water and oxygen

    • Fully green formulation

    • Penetrates deep into wood and brightens its appearance

    • Generates cleaning foam on contact and forces trapped soil up and out

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