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According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management web site, illegal drug labs have become a growing problem in Indiana. In 1999, Indiana law enforcement agencies investigated 177 illegal drug labs. By 2013, that number rose to 1,808. http://www.in.gov/meth/2337.htm

Local news reports have recently reported on meth labs being found in department stores and motor vehicles. The occurrence of fixed and mobile meth labs continues to grow in Indiana as well as throughout the mid-west.

Restoration and abatement contractors should be aware of possible meth labs on job sights especially contractors that perform work on abandoned properties. Signs of possible meth labs include, unusual orders, covered windows, strange ventilation, dead vegetation and excessive or unusual trash.

Meth labs and left over debris contain many toxic and flammable chemicals including; benzene, methanol, ether methylene chloride, toluene and muriatic acid. 

Essco, Corp. can help provide your workers the proper PPE for dealing with meth lab inspection or cleanup. Including Disposable suits, Respirators and Safety Supplies  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.