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Environmental issues remain in the news!

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Fox59 News made a visit to Essco, Corp. to learn and pass on information to the general public on the capabilities and limitations of PPE for the general public as it concerns the Ebola virus.

Essco does stock and distribute PPE including suits, gloves and respirators and other PPE that will protect against blood borne pathogens including Ebola. However, unless you are trained in how to use the PPE, the general public should be careful in purchasing PPE for use around potentially dangerous contaminants such as the Ebola virus.

Proper PPE training includes the selection of the correct product for the containment, proper sizing and the correct method to put on (don) and proper method to remove (doff) the PPE.

Please feel free to contact Essco for additional information regarding all your PPE requirements. Check out the story here!