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PPE and Ebola

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Ebola – Little is known about Ebola other than it is a virus that can be transmitted from one person to another via contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids. Once contracted it has a death rate of 70% and until just the last few weeks, Ebola has been contained to a few west African countries. However, due to increased ease of travel, Ebola has now been transferred to Europe and the United States.

Ebola is not known to be transferred through the air and can only be transmitted with direct contact with bodily fluids. Since there is no specific protocol in dealing with the virus, refering to OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen rule 1900.1030may be of help.

Protection from Blood Borne Pathogens

The rule basically states that when dealing with any blood borne pathogens, personal protective equipment (PPE) including protective safety suits and protective gloves must not allow blood/liquids to pass through them. For example, Kimberly Clark®  A-60 Safety Suit is ASTM rated for blood borne pathogens. Other items might be Nitrile Gloves and 3M™ Ultimate FX Respirator.Any use of these items requires specific training and knowledge. Misuse could cause injury or possibly death.

Essco has responded to a customer’s personal protection equipment needs specifically for Ebola and Esso will continue to respond to other customer’s needs regarding the cleaning and removal of any blood borne pathogens.

Additional information may be found with the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). http://americanbiorecovery.org/ or Center for Disease Control (CDC) http://www.cdc.gov/.